Rill House, Grade II Listed
Street Address
1 Brook Street
Village, Coastal
House, Cottage
Grade II Listed multiple dog welcoming holiday accomodation
Lowest Rate Per Night
£17.66 per person based on 8 people staying for a full week
Highest Rate Per Night
£48 per person based on 8 people staying for a full week
Entire Property/Venue Rate Per Night (optional)
From £139.72 for up to 8 people staying for a full week
Can accommodate
Singles, Couples, Families, Groups
Self-catering, Wifi, Dogs welcome

When you picture a Devon Holiday Cottage what do you think of? Grade II Listed 400yr old house with many original features, a beautiful enclosed garden with a little stream between that and the south-facing courtyard. Where all you can hear is the sound of bird song and the sea in the distance.

We welcome any number of dogs, all breeds, in all rooms, on sofas with your throws and on the beds with your bedding and duvets or for a small charge you can use our duvets to save on packing space. We also welcome up to 8 human guests in 4 bedrooms and 2 infants in travel cots (provided).

The large enclosed courtyard on one side has the house, the 2nd side has a wall over 6ft, the 3rd side is a wall with a solid gate a minimum of 5ft, the 4th side has a stream with a low wall and garden gate into the huge enclosed garden. The external walls of the garden are stone walls with bushes in front and 4ft, the 5 bar gate is covered in fine mesh to the ground. One side is 4ft high rabbit fencing with a hedge in front.

Set in a little village with picturesque lanes, Slapton between Dartmouth and Salcombe, two village pubs where you are welcomed as a local. A 3mile long beach all year round dog-friendly beach just outside the village with water sports for all ages in the summer.

Friendly if slightly competitive games of boule, croquet, or a number of other outdoor games in the garden? Walks on our 3mile long dog-friendly beach outside the village? Evening BBQs with the sound of our stream as your soundtrack? Or are steam train and boat rides, castles, and crab fishing all with your dogs more your thing?

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